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Monday, April 7, 2008

not a bad epitaph...

Sometimes I think the coolest thing about writing will be the heaven-reunion where I get to meet all those who my words touched here on earth. What a party that will be! Lord, help me to be faithful!

Max Lucado (one of my favorite authors) reminds me (us!) what introducing someone to Jesus is all about. Take hope in this today ... and continue those introductions!

“The Bible has its share of family sedans. Consistent and predictable, these saints were spurred by a gut-level conviction that they had been called by no one less than God himself. As a result, their work wasn’t affected by moods, cloudy days, or rocky trails. Their performance graph didn’t rise and fall with roller-coaster irregularity. They weren’t addicted to accolades or applause nor deterred by grumpy bosses or empty wallets. Rather than strive to be spectacular, they aspired to be accountable and dependable. And since their loyalty was not determined by their comfort, they were just as faithful in dark prisons as they were in spotlighted pulpits . . .

Andrew wasn’t a keynoter at the Pentecost crusade. He probably wasn’t on the podium, on the schedule, or even on the planning committee. But if he hadn’t been on his toes some years earlier, Peter the powerful preacher might have been nothing more than Peter the impetuous fish-catcher. Andrew, considering he was an apostle, is mentioned a surprisingly small number of times. Yet every time he is mentioned he’s doing the same thing: introducing somebody to Jesus. No lights, no pulpits, no reviews, but not a bad epitaph.”

-Max Lucado, “God Came Near”

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