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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writer's Conferences 2008

I can't tell writers enough how beneficial writer's conferences are. I can say without a doubt I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't attended them. I've gone to them for fifteen years now ... that's testimony enough!

If you're interested in attending a writer's conference, here is a wealth of information. You might just find one perfect for you!

February 16, 2008. Oregon Christian Writer's One Day Winter Conference at Corban College in Salem, OR. Gail Sattler, Keynote Speaker. More info: http://oregonchristianwriters.org/members/

Feb 28-March 2, 2008. Florida Christian Writers Conference in Bradenton. Keynoters include Paul McCusker and T. Davis Bunn. Includes a special Teen Track taught by Bryan Davis. More information: http://www.flwriters.org/

March 14-15, 2008. Write His Answer Seminar. Carlisle Inn, Sugarcreek OH. More info: http://www.writehisanswer.com/Writing_Seminars.htm

March 14-18, 2008. Spring Christian Writers Conference at Mount Hermon. Debbie Macomber and Jerry B Jenkins. More info: http://www.mounthermon.org/writers/(Secular)

April 3-5, 2008. 2008 Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop in Dayton, Ohio. More info: http://www.humorwriters.org/2008SpeakerBios.html

April 12, 2008. Spring Writers Day. Orange County Christian Writers, CA. Featuring Beverly Lewis, Dan Benson, Brian Bird and Chip MacGregor. More info: http://www.occwf.org/

April 17-19, 2008. Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. Francine Rivers, Davis Bunn and many more. More info: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/engl/festival/

April 17-19, 2008. Delaware Christian Writers Conference. Newark, Delaware. More here: http://www.delawarechristianwritersconference.com/

April 19, 2008. Mini Conference, St David's Christian Writers at Emmanuel Christian Church in Stoneboro, PA. More info: http://www.stdavidswriters.com/home.html Click on "Mini-Conference".

May 2-3, 2008. Northwest Christian Writers Renewal (formerly SPU Writers Renewal). Northshore Baptist Church in Bothell, Washington. Cec Murphey will keynote. Editorial reps include Mick Silva, Waterbrook; Don Pape, Cook; and Jesse Florea, Focus on the Family magazines. More info: http://www.nwchristianwriters.org/default.asp?id=8785

May 2-3, 2008. Antelope Valley Christian Writers' Conference. Tim Riter, Keynote. More info: www.avwriters.comMay 3, 2008. Susquehanna Valley Writers Workshop at the Best Western Inn/Country Cupboard Restaurant, Lewisburg, PA. More info: http://www.marshahubler.com/workshop.html

May 14-17, 2008. Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. More info coming soon to http://www.writehisanswer.com/Colorado/

May 18-22, 2008. Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Ridgecrest, NC. More information: http://www.lifeway.com/lwc/article_main_page/0%2C1703%2CA%25253D152237%252526M%25253D201125%2C00.html?

June 4-7, 1008. Write to Publish Conference. More info upcoming: http://www.writetopublish.com/

June 13-14, 2008. Dayton Christian Writer's Conference. Englewood, Ohio. More info: http://www.dougtoles.com/upcominggospelevents/

June 16-21, 2008. St David's Christian Writer's Conference. Grove City, PA. Featuring Sally Stuart, Jane Kirkpatrick, Robbie Hess and Lisa Crayton. More info: http://www.stdavidswriters.com/home.html

July 13-17, 2008. International Christian Retail Show. Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. More info: http://www.christianretailshow.com/

August 7-9, 2008 (NOTE: tentative date).Greater Philadelphia Writer's Conference. Philadelphia Biblical University. More info to come: http://www.writehisanswer.com/philadelphia/index.html

September 8-12, 2008. Maranatha Christian Writers Conference. Muskegon, Michigan. More info: http://www.writewithpurpose.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

September 29-October 2, 2008. Sandy Cove Christian Writers Conference. More info: http://watkins.gospelcom.net/sandycove.htm

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David A. Todd said...


Thanks for the info. That's a lot of time and effort to type that.

I've been to four conferences in the last five years, and find that each one is an emotional roller coaster. The first day might lead to exuberance, as I meet other writers and learn in a class that I'm doing something right. The next day may result in deep depression, when an editor laughs at my book (as one did in Glorieta). By the end of the three or four days I'm just numb, and wondering if the $1000 I spent between getting there, tuition, critique, and room and board was worth it. So far, I'd have to say it hasn't been, not on any of the four.

Kennisha Hill said...

Thanks for the information Tricia. I'll look into going to a conference really soon. I'm sure it'll be a big help.

CharAdelsp said...


What a good list of writers'conferences. Thank you. All writers need to keep learning even if we are some of the people teaching at an event.

Your Web site and blogs are full of energy. I think it's energy from God's love in your life. Onward, lady!

Tricia Goyer said...

A while ago David mentioned his disappoint with Writer's Conferences (here). I'd like to comment on that.

The first time I'd attended a writer's conference I had only been writing about six months. I worried that more than one publisher would like my stuff. I was VASTLY disappointed.

The main thing I learned is how much I had to learn. I attended workshops. I took lots of notes. I listened more than I spoke. I met with a few editors, but again I listened. And I also met a lot of other writers who I built friendship with.

The next year I'd like to saw that I also wondered what I'd do if more than one publisher was interested in my stuff. You'd think I would have learned! The truth was I HAD learned a lot in that year. I thought I was ready for publication. I'd grown a lot, but not far enough. Again I attended workshops. I took lots of notes. I listened more than I spoke. I met with a few editors, but again I listened. And I also met a lot of other writers who I built friendship with.

This year I also started an email prayer group with some of the writer's I met. These friendships deepened.

By the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh (you get the picture). I was starting to realize what conferences are about. They are about learning and connecting. At each conference I prayed for divine appointments, and sometimes I didn't understand until years later how these appointments would play out.

I also learned that editors 1) are real people, 2) are only human, 3) and are biased. Each one like what he/she likes. But they are also 1) insightful, 2) wise, and 4) helpful ... if you can take the time to glean information.

Even though I've written fourteen books and hundreds of articles I still try to listen more than I talk and learn as much as I can.