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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just a mini-update!

I don't have time to write a long blog. So I'm gonna do highlights ... and then you'll understand why there are not extra minutes!

1. From Wed-Sun a.m. we were at the Montana Christian Athletics Association state tournament. After watching dozens of games and cheering (loudly) our girls WON. They got first place! The boys lost two and won one ... Cory didn't get to play due to his torn ACL, but he cheered loudly.

2. Cory got nominated for the Christian Character Award! This is the second year and we were thrilled.

3. I was the "team mom" and I purchased candy for the boy's team to give to the girls team. I also bought t-shirts that the boys team decorated in our hotel room. Some even painted their faces in support of the girls! (The photo is of Cory with his friend Isaac.)

4. While on the road I heard the my sister-in-law is on COMPLETE bed rest for her pregnancy, so I volunteered to take two of her four kids. Brianna (4) is now with my other sister-in-law, but I'll have Samantha 1 1/2) for ... up to four months while Sandy is down. The boys (7 and 3) are with friends. Please pray the baby stays in and develops like he/she should ... and that Sandy can handle the bed rest and missing her kiddos.

5. I had an article to write ... that I finished today. And I need to finish the outline and first two chapters of Blue Like Playdoh by Thursday. I'm trying to get used to working with a baby around. Thank goodness for naps! (Although Samantha is super cute and tons of fun.)

Okay, gotto go make dinner.

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