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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sum it up...

If you could sum up your writing in three words or phrases, how would YOU do it? Someone asked me this ... and now I'm asking you.

I'll cheat and share what one reader shared with me. A reader wrote me once that she loved these three elements of my novels: historical facts, human feelings, and a higher purpose.

My goal for my novels is to put my characters in true historical events and have the reader experience all the fears, worries, hopes, failures and triumphs along with the characters. I also have multiple story lines that come together to reveal God's higher purpose. In fact, seeing how the storylines come together give the readers a glimpse that God is working through us ALL four our JOINT purposes.

That's how I see myself. For those of you who've read my novels, would you agree?

Now, what about YOU?

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Kennisha Hill said...

Excellent Question. Let's see...

My three phrases are:

Real Life Situations, Teaching Godly Principles, and Promoting Hope, regardless of past circumstances. (I hope that sounds right lol)

I have a drive and a thirst in me to share hope and encourage young women to seek the Lord for any and everything. That pretty much sums it up for me.

This is off subject, but Tricia would you be able to direct me to an Editor- or a place where I can find one?

Thanks so much!

Awesome post!


Elizabeth Bussey said...

Three words would be hard because words have multiple meanings, so I have three phrases -

1) Glorify God
2) Intimacy with Christ
3) Joy in all things

Tricia Goyer said...

Hi Kennisha,

Are you looking for someone to help edit your novel?

Try: http://www.method3am.com/

Cindy is my dear friend and she's a great freelance editor!


Tricia Goyer said...

Great words!