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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Publishing and Pitching...

Nearly every day I get an idea for a book project. Some are ideas I think of on my own. Other ideas are sent to me by friends. Or sometimes they’re sent to me by people I don’t really know but who like my writing (which is always a compliment!). Having a good idea is a great first step … but it’s only that. Turning an idea into something that is publishable is so much more work.

Sometimes people send me ideas they’d like me to pitch to my publishing houses. The way publishing works is that the author must submit his/her own work to publishing houses or magazines. For a good idea of what publishers are out there and what they are looking for, check out Sally Stuart's Christian Writer's Market. There are also tons of other resources/books that teach how to write query letters and book proposals.

Publishers are not only interested in an intriguing story/idea they purchase the "package": the ability of the writer, the format for the idea, and the marketability of the book.

Another way to connect with editors beyond normal means is to attend writer's conferences where one can make personal appointments. Here is a link to recommended conferences.

The editors I work with get 100+ submissions per week. These submissions are in the form of book proposals or query letters. To try to get an idea to them any other way doesn't work. Even with publishers I've worked with before, I have to follow the same system.

So got an idea??? Great! You’re off to a wonderful start!

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