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Friday, June 22, 2007

35 Things you need to know about writing...

Check out 1-6 here, and 7-9 here.

#10: If you plan to do your writing only when you have free time, you’ll never get beyond the first few pages. Make a regular schedule and do your best to stick to it.
marlo schalesky

#11: Your non-writing friends will not understand “I have to write.” Tell them you have to work. That they’ll understand.
marlo schalesky

#12: Consider what books you enjoy reading best. Why do you like those types of books? Make a list of reasons. Now, when you craft your novel, make sure you add in these elements. You have to love your story more than anyone. You don't just want to start a project because you think it will sell, but because there's a passion for the story.
tricia goyer

#13: When you think about your main conflict for your story, don't forget that books have many layers. in addition think of different problems that could arise for your character. They could be complications to the main problem or altogether different problems. These can be woven together to build one fantastic plot.
tricia goyer

#14: When working with your antagonist, don't just make him all bad. Think of one area in which he tries to be a good person. This will add depth to the character and surprise your reader.
tricia goyer


Christine H said...

These were all really good tips. I definitely use the "I have to work" line. It impresses me as well as the person I'm talking to! Which also helps with #10.

Jen's Journey said...

:( #10 hurts! Pretty confident about #13.

Had someone read a scene in my book because it was emotional and I wanted to know if someone else felt the emotion in it and she loved it, so gaining confidence in what I am doing thus far.

Tricia Goyer said...

you are doing great!!!!!!!

Jen's Journey said...

Thank you for the vote of assurance, both of you. You have been a great support in this journey of writing my book. Encouragement is always welcome since there are times when I read something or just plain realize time is not something I can count on.

Just a few moments ago the old phrase "The best laid plans..." came to mind and then I open this up. :)

God Bless both of you.