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Friday, June 29, 2007

Did writing save your life?

"[If I] hadn't become a writer ... I would have been stabbed to death in the parking lot outside a bar in Florida at 24, or something like that. I really believe that, actually. I think writing saved my life."

~~Russell Banks , (books by this author ) born in Newton, Massachusetts (1940), who wrote Continental Drift (1985), The Sweet Hereafter (1992), and Cloudsplitter (1998)


Jen's Journey said...

Hey! I was hoping for more of the 35 Things I Need to know about writing... Hope you had blessed week. I am beat tired. Suffered quite the wrath of my editor yesterday because a story fell through on me. I will be okay though. Just need to be super wonderful in the coming stories. I think I nailed a good one for our Lifestyles section in the coming week and hoping to help redeem my good standing with a story about a lifeguard.

Good night, sweet and God Bless!

Christine H said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Jen! I hope the lifeguard story goes well.

Have a great weekend,

Tricia Goyer said...

Jen, I couldn't do what you do! Seriously! I'll pray the this work turns out stellar in every way.

Jen's Journey said...

Thank you both! I did get my interview of a lifeguard. Tomorrow morning, will type it up. After deadline, will type the story for the lifestyles page. Not sure which day that will run since usual lifestyle pages are Wednesdays, but Independence Day we have as a paid holiday. Then, part of the discipline the editor has given is I will need to be at an event here in town on 4th of July for a photo page. I had given up a couple holidays already this year and he was going to have one of two others cover the event because they hadn't covered any holidays this year. Nope! I messed up, so I get to give up a portion of yet another. I am fine with it more than anyone would imagine. It is my family that suffers and is not fond of the time away from them. Another reporter and friends feels the editor will soften up after the initial 'punishment.' I hope so.