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Friday, October 31, 2008

How do I get stuff done?

Many people ask how I motivate myself to write ... and to get stuff done:

1. I set priorities. "What are the three top things I need to get done today?"

2. I do the hardest thing first. It gets it out of my mind and makes the rest of the day better.

3. I set impossible goals and then tell someone about them. For example, this week I told my wonderful agent I'd have three chapters written for a new proposal. This was in the middle of traveling to our Books & Such Retreat. I told a few other people too. I worked before I left. I worked on my flights. I worked in Starbucks at the airport yesterday for five hours! And I sent the rough drafts last night.

4. I offer myself small rewards throughout the day. For example, "If you write 500 words you can check your email." Sometimes I pour myself a BIG cup of coffee and tell myself, "I can't get up to use the restroom until I have 400 words written."

5. After a BIG project I reward my family. After finishing one book I bought Wii Fit. For another Dance Praise. I'm already picking out board games I want to get after my next deadline. I reward my family with fun for the days I have to say, "Not today ..."

1 comment:

Jocelyn Richard said...

Hello Tricia,
These 5 keys are so good for me.
This is what I needed at this momment.