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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dare to Dream—Part 2

Part 1

DISCOVER – What Are God’s Dreams?
Dare to Dream—Part 2

“. . . God gives his children tasks to complete. Even in Eden he assigned the first man and woman the job of tending a garden,” says Judith Couchman in her book, Designing a Woman’s Life. “But understanding our significance before we attempt accomplishment anchors the soul in an order uncommon to this world,” says Couchman. “First, we embrace our innate worth, then we pursue our unique purpose. After this, we tackle our work.” [i]

Many of us have reversed this process. We decide our own path, quickly follow the flow of life, then we wonder why we feel insignificant. We despair when we look back at our day and realize that though we jumped through all the necessary hoops, we shared no piece of ourselves or our originality.

The easiest way to tell if we are missing our unique purpose is to consider the things that bring joy to our lives. Things that are uniquely us. It may be singing, baking, or even landscaping. Many of us need to ask, “If I could be doing anything for God’s kingdom what would it be?” and “Do I ‘thrive’ in my daily duties and feel God’s pleasure, or do I simply ‘survive’ as I try to keep up with the world’s ideas?”

The answers may surprise you, and they also may stir your heart toward God’s true desires for your life.

[i] --Judith Couchman, Designing a Woman’s Life, pg. 14-15, 1995


Jordan D said...

Thank you for this encouraging post!

Hope said...

Thank you so much for the 2-part post, Tricia! Part 1 especially "got" to me because I've been that mom for a few years now. So many people have told me that my place is to be at home with my children. And while I do believe that has been true, there have been many dreams lying beneath, longing to be reborn within me.