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Friday, September 26, 2008

Dare to Dream—Part 1

What dreams are hidden in your heart? I dare you to find out . . .
Dare to Dream—Part 1

I imagine my face must glow when I talk about my latest writing projects. Looking back, I often wonder what took me so long to realize I wanted to become a writer. I’ve always loved reading and creating stories in my mind. During my childhood summers when my friends were at the lake, I spent my time in the library. That should have been my first clue. Looking back now, I can clearly see hints of the dreams God placed deep inside me.

It wasn't until I was married with three small children scurrying around my feet that I realized God created me with specific talents. (Talents that play a part in His purpose for my life.) But the contentment I feel when I use my talents and follow my dreams is uncommon in many people today, including some of my closest friends.

One afternoon I saw a wistful look in my friend, Stacey’s, eyes as she squeezed a few minutes out of her busy day to talk with me over a glass of tea. “I wish I had something of my own,” this mother of three small boys confessed. “Some type of special purpose that I knew was from God.”

As Stacey spoke, I squinted and looked closely. I’m sure that behind her baby food stained T-shirt I saw something. Yes, she did have something of her own. Stacey’s heart was filled with dreams lying dormant, waiting to be awakened.

Sometimes we, like Stacey, don’t even know our dreams are there. We feel incomplete but don’t understand why. Other times the fulfillment of our dreams is stunted by outside factors—not enough time, not enough energy, and too many duties filling up our days.

But most of all we just need permission. Permission to slow down. Permission to discover our deepest purpose. And permission to follow those dreams.


Stina Rose said...


Thank you for this post. I have just been where your friend was...wishing I had some special purpose. I just got married a few months ago, and with that came a big change in my life. I went from being a teacher to being a housewife and I felt that I had lost my purpose. Thankfully I married a wonderful man who helped me look inside at the dreams that had been laying dormant. It is because of his encouragement that I have taken up the pen again and am trying to make something out of my writing. I am at the beginning of a grand adventure. I don't know where it will take me...but I am looking forward to the journey.

~Stina Rose

Ivy Reisner said...

That is so beautiful. Can I ask what you do when your dreams aren't the same as your purpose?

I know I was called to be a knitter, to clothe the naked. My purpose centers on wool and pointy sticks.

My dream is to be a writer. I love telling stories and revisiting them over and over in the editing process. I love fiction.

So which to follow? So far I've been lucky. I can follow both.

Deena said...

Very cool! Inspiring and encouraging, but not preachy. Leaves us room to think and to wonder freely, and gives us the bump in the rump to dream again:-) I adore you!

Craig Hardee said...

What an awesome post! Maybe I can still figure out what I'll be when I grow up! :)

pen and inklings said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. It so inspired me as I struggle with knowing my purpose and finding my dream. I believe they must be one and the same because I can't imagine having a purpose that went against my dream. I couldn't live that way. I love the idea of being a writer and have spent countless hours writing in my journal, taking writing classes and reading books on writing. How does one get past the self-doubt that keeps cropping up on the journey?

Kennisha Hill said...

This is really encouraging Tricia! I was just sharing with someone tonight about my passions and dreams, etc and even encouraging her as a writer to step out and do it. This is really great!

You're an inspiration!