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Monday, September 22, 2008

Where The Map Ends

A website you don't want to miss: www.WhereTheMapEnds.com

My favorite tool is the Tip of the Week:

Here is a sample of the topics for tips 1-10 ... and there are 90 more in addition to that!

Tips 1-10
Master Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
Beware Monster Paragraphs
Description, Part 4—Comparisons
Description, Part 3—The Full Sensory Sweep
Description, Part 2—The Establishing Shot
Description, Part 1—Introduction
What Does Your Hero Want?
Your Hero's Inner Journey
Proper Manuscript Formatting
An (Accepting) Audience of One

Check it out here

AND be sure to check out Jeff's Marcher Lord Press, his indie publishing company that goes live on October 1!

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