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Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Girl Exclusive! The Anonymous Gospel Diva is back...and she has SPRING fever!

From the Good Girl Book club website:

Spring is in the air and so is young love, Diva Chicas.

Its' everywhere, including with me. For my birthday God sent me a younger man, and honey, he's divinely favored. You know how young men are. They're ambitious, brash, got a spring in their step, a glow, and a tattoo with angel wings -- and fit for romance. They love to be in love. And so that's what I want talk about -- books and movies and other good things that love to be in love.

Shall we?

One of my favorite songs this year is Dove Award Nominee, Darlene McCoy's Fallen in Love. It's a love ballad to God and Godly men. There's something sweet and fresh about the song that makes me think of what love is supposed to be about.

So when I read Claudia Burney's new interracial romance, Zora & Nicky, I felt resonate connection. This story encourages me to believe how easy love, good love is supposed to be, particularly between people who the world doesn't want to be together.

I would be remiss to say that love can be as Pat Benator's puts it A Battlefield, or the fight to keep a good love is a battle. Girls we know the difficulties we face when we meet someone and then we have to fight to keep that love alive. Tricia Goyer's Whisper of Freedom takes this battle to an another place. The story is set during the Spanish Civil War. Think heat, Latin love, more heat, the fire of God kind of heat of course. Don't want to get you all hot and bothered.:)

But since we're on the subject of heat. Tyler Perry is at it again, producing another move, this time in sweltering New Orleans . The Family that Preys Together cast members set to star: Sanna Lathan, Rockmund Dunbar, Alfre Woodward, Kathy Bates, scrumptious looking Cole Hauser, Robin Givens, Taraji P. Henderson and Tyler Perry. Sorry chicas, movie won't release until 2009.

So what are we going to do until then?

You can check out another other redemption themed film shot in the Louisiana area, Vivica Fox's Cover, a mystery involving a Christian couple and a murder. See what I mean about love is a battlefield?

Or you can see the Anti-Tyler Perry, Terrance Howard perform in Debbie Allen's Broadway revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as Brick. I won't touch that name or his position to not appear in a TP movie with a ten foot pole -- Like I said I like brash men.

More books to keep you spirits lifted: Michelle McKinney Hammond's Playing God, This Far by Faith, a Kimani New Spirit anthology featuring: Stacy Hawkins Adams, Linda Hudson-Smith, and Kendra Norman Bellamy, and Jacquelin Thomass' Jezebel.

And if you still need a refresher or an invitation to meet fresh faced single men, then hop on Ty Adams' Love Boat Cruise in August. Get your reservation on, girl.

Missing you til summer,

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Craig Hardee said...

Wow, Tricia, I need to read more carefully! I thought you'd ditched your husband for a younger man! :)