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Friday, January 11, 2008

Office must haves...

My name is Tricia and I confess ... I have office envy. I've been talking my some of my novelist friends lately and they have pretty nice offices ... A comfy chair? A lamp? A mini fridge??? Sweet!

I share my 12 x 12 office with four other people. We have five computer stations, and all MY mess. As the bill payer, calendar scheduler, mail sorter, homeschool teacher, and (yes) writer, I usually have a few piles. (Currently, I have two on the floor and one of the desk.)

Now that I just finished another novel, I can sort, organize, and whip the office back into shape. In fact, it's safe to say my family can tell how close I am to deadline from the size of the piles ... 0-2 feet and counting. :-)

What are my office must-haves? I LOVE my color laser printer, my docking station for my notebook computer, my two large filing cabinets, and my various sorters and stackers filled with research, notes, contracts, and paper products. I also have a view of the Rocky Mountains (3 miles away as the crow flies) that's to die for.

The thing is that many people think they need a private office to write. They don't. They think they need to be totally organized before they start page one. Not true. Because the truth is that the BEST office must-have is a person who has a prayer on his/her lips and who plunks their butt in the chair and sets a goal ... even a small one. You'd be surprised how many of my books were written in 30-minute increments!

Go ahead. Try it!

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