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Monday, January 7, 2008


I love getting fun confirmations that God is at work. A few weeks ago, I taught at "Writing Club." I teach writing to homeschoolers once a month and they LOVE it. They were saying they wish I did it every week! (One kid said every day. :-) Some of those kids have been meeting monthly with me for almost four years! It's so awesome to see their writing progress!

Then there was a phone message from a local friend. She sent a few of my books to her unchurched sister. Well, the sister didn't know what to think of 10 Minutes to Showtime when she got it last year. And then this year they read A Valley of Betrayal in her book club. Well, I guess now she is so excited about my books that she gave 10 Minutes to Showtime to ALL her friends for Christmas. VERY cool.

It just reminds me that God is working even where I can't see it!

What sort of confirmations have you been getting?

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