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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Guest Blogger...Cara Putnam

I've just returned from the ACFW conference in Dallas. My head is still spinning with everything I learned, the opportunities that presented themselves, and the wonderful people I got to meet.

This conference was unique because I was responsible for parts of it and presenting. Now, I'm an attorney, so talking is never a problem. Hand me a microphone and away I go.

The challenge is making sure I have anything meaningful to say!

Each ACFW conference I've attended has had an unique flavor. In Nashville, I was the newbie soaking in every detail and technique I could. Dallas 2006 I received my first contract and spent the rest of the conference waiting for everyone to figure out a huge mistake had been made.

This year, at Dallas 2007, I was in a new position. This time I had four contracts, but no books out yet. I still have tons to learn, and my goal was to introduce myself to a couple editors to learn more about their houses' needs and get permission to have my agent submit a proposal when I finally complete it.

God blew me away. There is huge potential coming out of this conference. So big that I am humbled -- trusting God knows what He is doing. Trying to hang on for all I am worth.

And He has challenged me to step back and take time in the next two weeks -- while I wait for my agent to return -- to dream with Him. God has blown past my original dream of writing a book that somebody would read. Now I need to discover His next dream for me.

You see, I don't want to step one centimeter outside of His will. I want to run with Him into whatever the future holds. Even when I feel unworthy and unprepared. I think He's trying to get me to realize those are the best spots to be. Then I have no choice but to rely on Him. How cool is that!

At the core of it, this weekend was about God telling me to dream bigger than I've dared. When was the last time you dared to dream? And not just dream, but the kind of dreams that almost seem presumptuous to think? I truly believe we don't ask God for enough. He wants to do so much in our lives, but we are often content to ask for a crumb of cake when he wants to give us the entire bakery.

If you're still reading, please pray that God would flood me with wisdom and creativity like I've never experienced. Thank you!

Cara C. Putman
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