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Monday, October 15, 2007

Author Websites!

I have new and updated website http://www.triciagoyer.com/. I want to talk about some of the "why" behind the design ... mainly my hopes for attracting readers.

When designing a website, there are many people you need to take into consideration: media people, publishers, other writers, family, friends ... and readers (which could be any of the above ... or none of the above).

Today, I'll be talking about readers.

Readers visit websites because
1) they want to know more about an author and
2) they want to check out an author's additional books.

When you visit the website of authors, where is the first place you visit? Since I'm a people person, I always check out photos first ... even before the books!

I have TWO photo slideshows at: http://www.triciagoyer.com/photos.html

These slide shows include photos of friends and family ... and photos of readers and road trips. I love sharing glimpses of myself, my friends, and readers with other readers. It makes me seem more real and approachable, which I am!

I also have a FOR READERS section at:

In this section I have a variety of information, including:
Get Behind-the-Scenes Details - Ever wondered how Tricia became a writer? Interested in the story-behind-the-story for her WWII books? Get answers here, and be sure to visit her Q & A page, too!

Listen to interviews with Tricia about her books Generation NeXt Parenting and Dawn of a Thousand Nights

Check out her thoughts on Writing, and on her book My Life Unscripted.

Discover the Story Behind the Story

Read the story behind Arms of Deliverance
Read the story behind From Dust and Ashes
Read the story behind Generation NeXt Parenting

Take a journey through Unforgettable Stories from World War II, from the veterans who inspired Tricia.

Download Discussion Guides - Great for your reading group, or for personal reflection
A Shadow Of Treason
A Valley of Betrayal
Arms of Deliverance
Dawn of a Thousand Nights
Night Song
From Dust and Ashes
Life Interrupted

Read Sample Chapters - Haven't had time to buy Tricia's latest book? Get a sneak peek of each of her stories here!
A Shadow of Treason
Dawn of a Thousand Nights
Night Song
From Dust and Ashes
Generation NeXt Parenting
Life Interrupted

Get Custom-Signed Books - Visit SignedbytheAuthor.com to order custom-signed copies of any of Tricia's titles.

As you can see, I've given readers the HOW, WHY, WHEN, and WHAT behind my books. It's also GREAT for reading groups. They have discussion questions, information about the book, and they can even order signed copies. How easy is that?!

I'd love to hear about YOUR website design. Why did you do what you do?

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