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Friday, August 17, 2007

35 Things you need to know about writing...

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#27: Have a clearly definable conflict in your story—not a negative one either. Not a passive one—resisting change. A negative goal makes it difficult to keep your characters together. Not—they don't want to be together because he reminds her of something bad. But— she must convince him to admit his paternity to his daughter before it's too late for the child to have the needed surgery.
linda ford

#28: Put the reader in the action. Seriously. Let the reader experience the emotions and the journey. It's another way of saying show, don't tell.
linda ford

#29: Walking, talking, coffee drinking are boring. Don't bore the reader. Dramatic events would be nice. No, not just nice. They are essential. Always think events--real time, real space, real action.
linda ford

#30: Never let the tension drop! Tension and excitement on every page is more than a nice bonus. It's essential. A person shouldn't be able to skip even one page, let alone 4 or 5 or heaven forbid, skim through the book looking for something that moves the story forward.
linda ford

#31: Research is good but only if it somehow impacts the characters or adds colorful detail.

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