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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Plotting a historical novel...

Here are my notes (in 250 words) for plotting a historical novel. I write contemporary novels and non-fiction completely different!

Basic Time-period Research

-- Overall view of time period

-- Jot notes of interest

-- “Research” file in WORD doc.


-- Basic character sketch

-- Basic plot (10-20 points) (If I have multiple POVs, then basic plots for each)

-- Basic research for these plots (dates, battles, big problems during that time)


-- A file for each character

-- A file for general research

-- A date file

-- A plot file

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass

-- Work through the assignments.

-- This is a mix of getting to know your characters, their motivations, and their conflict.

-- As I work through the assignments, I put them in the document for that character

-- Motivations

-- Parts of scenes

-- Dialogue

Scenes, Research, Characters

-- If I also discover plot points I put them in the PLOT document


-- Scenes are color-coded by character

-- Research areas of plot and characters.

-- Check important dates/events

Blocking out scenes

-- Who does what.

-- Who goes where.

-- Motivation.

-- Conflict.

-- Setting.

-- This is what gave me the break though from unpublished to published—visualizing exactly what was going to happen and showing in dramatically, considering the goals, motivation, and conflict of the characters.

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