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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gift boxes!

A unique way to say Thanks for all your hard work to your book's publisher!

A few weeks ago my trusty girl, Amy from Litfuse, put together these boxes for the Multnomah team who're involved with the production, release and sale of Blue Like Play Dough!

The boxes followed the themes of motherhood in Blue Like Play Dough...a little something for the kid in them (Play-doh, Play-doh toy, slinky, Go Fish or Old Maid) and a little something for the adult in them (an energy bar, chocolates).

Multnomah LOVED the boxes!
The team loved being thought of and given this small gift. I've done similar things in the past with other books. For my teen book, My Life, Unscripted (which uses a script writing metaphor) I put together boxes for the sales team that included movie theater tickets, theater candy, and a script from and episode of the TV show Facts of Life.
What are some unique things you've done for your publisher or editor?


Debbie said...

How thoughtful and creative you are! And perfect in keeping with your book theme.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for sharing this. How fun and creative are you? Nice!! I bet your publishers appreciate you and your efforts.

Have a great day.