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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crafting One Sheets

Hello...happy summery Thursday!

Mary DeMuth graciously allowed me to share this with you all...so make sure to stop over at her So You Want To Be Published blog

Crafting Fiction One Sheets
For those of you who are crazy fiction writers like me: it's time to learn how to create a one-sheet. We'll pick up with some examples of nonfiction one sheets tomorrow. Today we're using two examples from novelist D'Ann Mateer (who is a two-time Genesis finalist).First: What is included?

A couple paragraph summary of the book. This is more likely the kind of copy you'd find on the back of a book. It should be punchy, to the point, and invitational to the reader. Your goal is to woo and editor and/or agent enough to make them long to read the story.

Another option is to write your one sentence summary of the book at the top of your one sheet before you get into the nitty gritty of the story. This is that punchy, amazing summary that nutshells your story. For great advice about creating those one-sentence pitches, go to Randy Ingerman's blog here.

Graphics. D'Ann's designs are clean and don't detract from her story. She uses readable fonts and a simple picture.

Bio. You'll want to highlight awards you've won (if applicable...don't make one up!), publishing credits, important affiliations.

A picture of cute you. Please, folks, shell out the cahuna for a professional picture. Do not crop you out of your family. Don't try to be cool and photoshop yourself with impressionist dots. Get an amazing picture, preferrably taken outside, with a photographer who has a killer lens and great lighting.

Your contact information.

No more suspense. Here are D'Ann's examples:

One Thin Ribbon of Road (contemporary women's fiction)
Monkey in the Middle (legal suspense)

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