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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Advice for Novelists (Part 40)

C.J. Darlington, co-founder of TitleTrakk, is running a great series on her blog: She started a series of blog posts in which industry professionals (editors, agents, publicists, authors, etc.) share their responses to this question:

"If you could say one thing to aspiring novelists, what would you say?"

Camy Tang has a wonderful reply:Never lose sight of Whom you are writing for.

This has recently been on my heart. Since I started writing seriously, I've gone to several writing conferences and always see a few writers who are incredibly focused on pitching to Agent ABC, or getting a seat at Editor XYZ's table, or worried about what Agent MNO will say about their manuscript, or devastated that Editor QRS wasn't interested in their story.

While I can completely relate to their pain, it also bothers me to see someone so focused and worried about their career that they seem to have lost sight of their Audience of One.

God directs our career. God plans our chance meetings with Agent ABC or Editor XYZ. God brings our manuscript to Agent MNO's attention, or closes the door at Editor QRS's publishing house.

I have sometimes been that writer stressing about meeting the right editor at the conference, or worried and impatient that an agent has had my manuscript for at least FOUR WHOLE DAYS and I haven't heard back yet. But God usually manages to give me a swift slap upside the head to remind me to stop trying to direct my own career.

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--Camy Tang, author of Sushi for One? and Only Uni (both with Zondervan). Visit her at her website here.

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