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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Advice for Novelists (Part 28)

C.J. Darlington, co-founder of TitleTrakk, is running a great series on her blog: She started a series of blog posts in which industry professionals (editors, agents, publicists, authors, etc.) share their responses to this question:

Matt Bronleewe: Besides being a successful novelist, Matt is also an acclaimed producer (Plumb, Rebecca St. James, Leeland). It's interesting to have the perspective of someone involved in more than one creative art.

"If you could say one thing to aspiring novelists, what would you say?"

It sounds so cliche, but it's the truth: Be true to yourself. But what does that mean? It means don't write something just because you think other people will like it. If it doesn't inspire you, chances are it won't inspire other people either. Every day, I can't wait to sit down and start typing, and that gets me through the hard places along the winding road. I couldn't do that if I was trying to guess what people wanted. They'd probably want Chick Lit or something and I'd just butcher it anyway, so I'm way better off writing what I LIKE, which is THRILLERS. Forget "write what you know". Write what you LOVE. Write whatever gets you fired up enough to stay up all night fueled by nothing more than Mountain Dew and Twinkies and a blinding passion to find out what happens to your characters next. And write, dang-nab-it, write!! Stop telling all your friends about the book you're GOING TO WRITE, the one you're going to bang out after the entire world has stopped in silence long enough for you to get inspired and WRITE!!
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