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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Tip...Find a Mentor!

Well, yes a physical mentor...a blog and newsletter can only do so much. Ha, Ha!

I've been blessed to have many people who God has dropped into my life during the writing process. I first became interested in novel writing by a friend and wanna-be novelist, Cindy Martinusen. Cindy is now an author of five novels, but back in 1992, she introduced me to the writing world.

During my first Mt. Hermon Writers Conference I met Robin Jones Gunn. The next year I joined with Robin and a few other wonderful authors in a private email prayer group. We're still praying together fourteen years later! Robin has been an amazing mentor to me through encouragement, advice, and sometimes a kick in the pants. Her life is also an example to me. She writes and lives with grace and truth.

Another mentor is my agent Janet Grant. I was one of Janet's first clients, and she has been an amazing cheerleader, advisor, and a rock for me to turn to. Whenever I'm struggling, Janet gives me a call, "Let's look at what's happening this way ..." and she can open my eyes to seeing with new perspective.

Finally, I can list dozens others I've met: Steve Laube, Ethel Herr, Gayle Roper, Lisa Bergren, Joanna Weaver, Brandilyn Collins, Robin Lee Hatcher, Anne de Graaf, Marlo Schalesky … and others, who God has connected me with at just the right time to speak wisdom and truth into my life.

Yes, it DOES take a community to raise a writer.


~Evergreen~ said...

Perhaps this is an ironical question, but exactly how does one go about finding a mentor if said person has no current funds for a writing conference?

I seem to be the one in my writing group who has the most experience, which isn't saying all that much. Iron sharpens iron, sure, but what do you do when you just finish the last page of a first draft and go into emotional agony between that and the second - and no one you know has ever been there/done that before! (And you're WAY too scared to pop an email to someone who could help at the risk of being referred to a doctor for shock therapy...)

Pattie said...

Evergreen, at least you have a writing group! There aren't any here where I live. If there are any, they are tight & exclusive.

I guess what I can do is read and write as much as I can on my own.

~Evergreen~ said...

Oy, that was whiny, wasn't it? Pattie, thanks for the swift kick to be grateful for the wonderful writing friends I do have! I did not have a group to go to for a long time, but I prayed about it, and a couple of months later one started up and it's been a Godsend. In other words - there is much hope!