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Friday, July 6, 2007

I interrupt this blog...

Greetings from the Minneapolis Airport. I'm sitting here checking email and waiting for my flight to take me to Atlanta, Georgia for the International Christian Retail Show.

I'm excited because for the next two days I'll be at a fiction workshop, hanging out with my writer-friends and also attending a workshop with Donald Maass. I LOVE his workbook, "Writing the Breakout Novel," and I've been using it faithful as I've written the last four books or so. It will be an interactive workshop, and I'll work on my third novel in The Chronicles of
the Spanish Civil War series. The title is A Whisper of Freedom.

Please pray that I'll be rested during this trip, and I'll be able to absorb this great teaching. Pray I can connect with old friends and meet new ones, and that I'll be able to let God's love shine.

I hope I can update lots over the week ... if I don't get the chance, please pray for me for next Monday and Tuesday, especially as I meet with editors about possible future projects, speak to International booksellers (my books have been translated to Spanish, French, Dutch, and German, yeah!), and sign books for booksellers.

Mostly pray for Divine Appointments. I'm heading to Atlanta with the expectation that God will do great things. I'm eager and trusting in all He does.

P.S. Finally, I interrupted writing this blog to give some of my postcards to three women who were sitting by me at the airport and talking about their favorite books. It takes me about five minutes to talk myself into jumping into conversations like this, but then I'm so glad I did. After all, who knows why I sat by these people??? God does, and maybe it will be a great connect!

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Jen's Journey said...

Praying for safe travels and an enlightening experience. May you be blessed throughout the journey.