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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Know Thy Book, Share Thy Hope

Sometimes marketing happens when we try to connect with as many people as possible . . . other times, it's sharing with ONE.

"So, what is your book about?" It's a question I often get when people find out I'm a writer. Giving just the right amount of information to start a conversation is something we should all practice. After all, the first 30-seconds will either make the person want to know more . . . or not. It will either end a conversation, or start one that can have an eternal impact.

The first thing I do is summarize your book as simply as possible. Here is my summary for my book Generation NeXt Marriage, which will be out this fall:

Generation NeXt Marriage is a book for couples today who want to stay married for life, yet see marriage being assaulted in our generation. It’s a book that discusses our biggest concerns and shows how hope in God makes all the difference. Basically, it talks about our strengths and weaknesses as a generation. It talks about what makes marriage in our generation different from others.

After that, I'm usually asked, "What makes our generation different?" I then talk about the growing-up years of Gen Xers, how the divorce rate skyrocketed 300% when we were kids, and how our former latch-key existence leads to our struggles.

Usually, the next question I get is: "What are some of the biggest concerns?"

It is then I share chapter titles, such as: balancing schedules, communication, church attendance (or lack of), media influences, the "ease" of getting a divorce. Most people nod their heads with understanding. Then ask something like, "So is there hope for marriage?"

And after that, I share the hope we find in God to help with the specific concerns of our generation.

Are you catching on? One question, led to a conversation. Not only that, the other person LED it.

Instead of me rattling on about my book, the other person was drawn in, and they kept asking more.

Not only that, the talk about my book, led to a discussion about MY GOD.

So, why don't you try it? Write a summary for your book, then consider what information you can give to share truth with just ONE.

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