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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Words that sell!

If you're getting ready to send out your Christmas newsletter, read this post Gaymer Martin wrote over at Christian Authors Network.

Last week I discussed an interesting idea that certain words help to draw interest in a product. People like bargains, getting in on something good, finding results or solutions and more. I present the 10 top words that sell, according to one marketing analysis. This week, I’m adding another set of words to consider.

As I searched for information on "words that sell" your product—in our case books—I found another list of additional words that followed the first ten I sent last week. Again, these words work for any product, but we can see how they may work for your new release. Keep the key word as close to the front of your sentence as you can.

1. Love: You’ll love THE NAME OF YOUR BOOK

2. Results: This book offers results if you have trouble keeping friends.

3. Safe: Spend a safe and cozy evening reading my latest release BOOK TITLE

4. New: A new book from YOUR NAME in stores now.

5. Save: Save time and energy. Order my latest release BOOK TITLE from Amazon.com or ?

6. Now: On sale now. BOOK TITLE

7. How-to: Ever wonder how to spend a lonely evening? Read BOOK TITLE

8. Solution: The solution to Christmas shopping is books. Buy BOOK TITLE today.

9. More: You’ll get more than you bargained for when you read BOOK TITLE

These ideas popped into my head as I looked at the words. I’m sure you can make them relate to your novels or non-fiction books with even greater meaning. Try using some of these words that sell and see if they make a difference in your marketing plan.

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