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Monday, December 15, 2008

How do economic woes affect writers?

Read this insightful guest blog from my agent, Janet Grant. http://www.janetgrant.com/

As an agent, I realize that, with publishers tightening their belts, I need to stay the course. That might sound strange at first, but our agency has always had the philosophy that we wouldn't just be about getting the contract and then disappearing from the scene. Thinking long-term with our clients and working to build a career rather than just thinking about one book at a time helps in times of economic downturns. Part of that long-term thinking is shaping messages that make each author the go-to person on a topic or in a certain genre, which increases publishers' interest in producing books with that client. And making certain the marketing contributions the author makes to each project help to build a sense of identity for that author rather than creating what looks like a haphazard bunch of books.

In a risk-averse environment, what every writer needs to do is to think about how to become a necessity at a publishing house, not a luxury. That means that the author is helping to keep the publisher operating in the black. So offering original ideas on perennial topics, sticking to writing what you're known for, and being creative in the ways you can offer to publicize your book, all add up to the likelihood that you will make it through this recession in tact. That, plus a firm faith that God holds our personal universes together along with the big world we inhabit.

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