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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vote for your favorite book cover!

Stepping Stones Magazine is launching a new contest for the Autumn Season!

Please vote for your favorite book cover and send it to me at this email address. rpkg@comcast.net

Write in the subject line 'SSMW Book Cover Contest'.

The cover that receives the greatest number of votes will be featured in a fall issue, along with a photo of the author, a brief interview of how the cover came about, a link to the author's website, and a link to an online bookstore where the book is available for purchase.

~~a note from the website says: Runners Up will also be featured with a link to the authors' websites. Authors, you cannot vote for your own book, but you can encourage your readers to vote for you. :)

Please place in the body of the email...
Book Title
Author's Name

Deadline is August 30. Go here for more info!

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