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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stories of our Lives

Some people think we're made of flesh and blood and bones. Scientists say we're made of atoms. But I think we're made of stories. When we die, that's what people remember, the stories of our lives and the stories that we told.

~Ruth Stotter, quoted in The Power of Personal Storytelling


E Bussey said...

Teaching today went great! The kids were so good. How thankful I am for my husband's prayers. I am tired so only met one of my goals.

I completed my CWG lesson and just sent if off. Will save the editing for tomorrow (maybe, I have a root canal in the morning!)

Tomorrow's goals (4-5-07)
1)Edit devotion for UpperRoom which I received back today.
2)Edit short story for (?)
3)Read as many chapters of from dust and ashes as I can while at the dentist ;)

Tricia Goyer said...

Okay, first we're going to have a change of attitude. Try this:

YEAH, HURRAY I finished one of my goals! Yes, there are two more. No, they most lkely won't get done today ... but remember God gave you today for a reason and you accomplished what He's designed. Is that cool or what???

Also, I LOVE your goal #3 for tommorrow. :-) You can't bring an apple for the mentor, but reading my books does work at putting a smile on my face. Ha!

Jen's Journey said...

I finished two goals yesterday, in spite of my sad news. (more about that on my blog).
1. I finished another chapter.
2. I started another chapter.
I am excited!
How 'bout them pics??
Oh! And I am now on 4th "Tricia book" Arms of deliverance in a little more than four weeks! I am reading slower since I am working on MY attempt at new novel. But, I am still enjoying it. :)