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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How This Works

(Photo of me at the 2006 ICRS convention in Denver Colorado. I'm standing by the advertisement for A Valley of Betrayal in the Moody Publishers booth. Notice the Alli-Bag?)

Welcome to My Writing Mentor!

Ready to get started?

This mentoring partnership will work in three ways:

1. On the 1st and 15th of every month a new writing newsletter will be sent out. It will include articles, tips, publishing advice, interviews, samples, and other useful stuff. You can sign up for this newsletter on the box at the left.

2. On this blog, daily quotes will be posted that give encouragement, inspiration, and advice. I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

3. We'll also put the COMMENT section to good use. If you have any writing questions, please post them there. I'll be answering them (or finding people to answer them) from this section.

4. Also please use the COMMENT section to post your daily writing goals at the beginning of the day AND your success at the end of the day (or the next day). This will hopefully keep you accountable. I'll join you by posting my goals, too!

Ready, set, write . . .


Tricia Goyer said...

My writing goals for today:

1. Work on a review for Practical Homeschool. (Mary Pride is great!)

2. Assemble My Life, Unscripted gift packages for Thomas Nelson salespeople. (I'll post a photo when I complete them :-)

3. Radio interview with WHCB radio.

As you can see ... sometimes the writing life has little to do with writing!

LaShaunda said...


What a great idea! How do you find the time?

I signed up, because I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for starting this.

My goal for this week is to revise three chapters and to get SORMAG's book for reviews out to the reviewers.

For some reason I never have time to get to the post office.

Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

Tricia--I agree--this is a great idea!

Today's goals:

1. Query The Lookout for November Issue.
2. Write rough draft of backyard birding article for Everything Homeschooling.
3. Figure out what I need to improve in article about panic attacks that was rejected by Today's Christian.

I can think of tons of questions for you. Will blogger bog, do you think,if I ask them all? :0)

Tricia Goyer said...

I can't wait to hear how you're all doing on your goals! Please update me.

As for me, the radio interview went great, and I'm still working on the other two :-0

Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

I finished my rough draft, but didn't touch the other two. I always do set aggressive goals, but who knows--someday I may accomplish them all!

Today I'm going birding with my children and another family to get more experience with which to round out the article.

Tricia Goyer said...

I set aggressive goals, too. My advice is to make your "wish list" and then to make your "priority list." Focus on the first priority and then work on that until it's done :-)

Christine H. said...

My goal for today is to enter the pages I wrote yesterday in longhand into the computer and work for an additional hour on the first draft of my new manuscript. I also have a ton of housework and catching up on bills and errands and food shopping, having just gotten home from a trip. Ugh! I'd rather just curl up in a corner and write.

Anonymous said...

P.S. my other goal, perhaps even more important, is to clear out my office (aka junk room). It's really hard to focus when I am surrounded by so much clutter, unpaid bills and unfolded laundry!

Christine H. said...

Sorry, that "anonymous" was me.

Christine H. said...

I had to choose between writing and cleaning my office yesterday and chose writing. So its still a mess. It's 5:45 a.m. and I am here ready to do some more. Writing, that is, not cleaning.