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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference discount!!!!!!!!

I just found out about this from Camille Cannon Eide from the Christian Authors Network...

Mount Hermon Christian Writer's Conference, being held April 3-7 2009, has made a tremendous offer. If you have never been to this conference, and if you register to attend between March 9-April 1, and if you mention on your registration form that someone already registered (like me or someone else that you know) invited you, you will receive $200 off the price of the conference!

The regular cost varies according to your room choice, it ranges from $845 and up - so minus $200 if you take them up on this offer and attend this 5 day conference for $645. This price includes EVERYTHING: conference tuition, materials, accommodations, totally excellent food, (it is really good!) snacks between sessions, and all the editor/agent appointments and high quality workshops, morning tracks and keynote evening sessions you would expect from a professional writer's conference. The morning mentoring tracks are awesome too (10 students-to-1 teacher, intense daily critique sessions) but you need to sign up for those ahead of time and those cost a little extra.

Check out the conference here: http://mounthermon.org/adult/professionals/writers-conference/

But even though it is a professional conference, the atmosphere is casual, serene and inviting. Mt Hermon is a sprawling, secluded campground nestled into a gorgeous redwood forest and includes scenic hiking/running trails. The evening sessions are awesome, beginning with a sweet time of worship. (I love it when hundreds of people from various places and backgrounds worship the Lord together...makes me think of what it will be like in heaven...) The setting is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring! Of course, the company isn't bad either. You'll meet editors, agents and Christian writers from every facet of the media. I came away with some great friends whom I still keep in contact with. It really is a wonderfully inspiring conference. I came away from it last year full, excited, changed and inspired.

If you sign up, I or the person you mention will get to share in the savings too. So everyone will benefit! If you have never been to Mt Hermon and you register BETWEEN MARCH 9 and APRIL 1st and give the name of the person who invited you, that person will also get $200 refunded back from our conference cost. I think this is a huge offer on their part, and certainly makes going to a high quality Christian writer's conference more affordable for us all.


Christine H said...

Dear Tricia,
I am finishing up the second draft of my first completed novel. I have been working on it for over two years and have completely lost any ability to be objective about it. I really need help! It is not Christian Fiction, but it is a fanstasy novel with Christian themes. My purpose is to provide wholesome reading for a secular audience.
Anyway, I am looking for a resource where I can get knowledgeable feedback on my first chapter and/or query package. My main difficulty with Chapter One is that, because it is a fantasy, I have to do a lot of explaining of the setting and the people (since they aren't human), and it's hard to do that while also keeping the action moving. I have rewritten it so many times, I've lost count!
I am considering using the services of Creative Byline, which offers a first reader review for $19. Do you know anything about this website, or have any other suggestions for me?
Thank you very much. If you prefer to contact me directly rather than post here, you can send me an email. I think you have my address, or leave a comment for me on my Ransomed Heart page.
Thanks a bunch!

Tricia Goyer said...

I suggest Susan’s My Book Therapy sessions www.mybooktherapy.com and Mary DeMuth’s The Writing Spa www.thewritingspa.com.

Christine H said...
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