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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Better, Smarter...Best!

I may blog about writing, but I'm only able to give output because of the input filling me up. I'm always trying to learn. I know writing is a life-long teaching experience!

So how do I learn?
I have attended the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference 13 times.

I buy conference cds and listen to them.

I subscribe to Writer's Digest Magazine, and I'm part of Writer's Digest Book Club.

I purchase 1-2 writing books a month.

I have taken numerous on-line classes, one as recently as last fall.

I have a network of other authors who I critique with.

I read blogs on writing.

In 2000 and 2001 I took writing classes at our local community college. The teacher is a retired screenwriter from Hollywood, and he is amazing. At least once a year I take him out to lunch and I absorb the conversation like a sponge.

I listen to my editors and try to learn something with each book.

I read memoirs by writers.

I read books on marketing, on media, on speaking.

I also teach writing--at conferences, in blogs, to local teens. This sharpens me.

I listen to lectures from The Teaching Company on writing ... and on anything that interests me.
It keeps my brain sharp.

I keep a notebook of book ideas and ponder them through the day.

I can say that every day I'm learning something about writing--how to do it better, smarter, or about how I work best. I still feel as if I have so much to learn!

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Jessica said...

Great ideas all.

Now finding (making) the time...:-)

Mari Taylor said...

I love these ideas. What fabulous advice! Thanks Tricia

SJ said...

Thanks for sharing these, Tricia! I appreciate concrete examples and just laying it out there.