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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Getting Along with your Characters!

I found this over at Susan May Warren's and Rachel Hauck's writing blog, Book Therapy.

Its a contest...and it will help you!

Check it out...

Ask the Doc: Contest!

We at Book Therapy care about your WIP, and its problems...

We know that getting along with your characters can be a challenge. They're moody, or introverted, or maybe they simply don't want to cooperate with your plot. Worse, sometimes they refuse to come out and play! We understand...and want to help!! Here's your chance to get real advice from book doctors trained to help you fix your fiction.

What is your MOST VEXING issue in your current wip? Go to the Ask the Doc entry form, write your answer, and be eligible to win a copy of NOAH LUKEMAN's THE PLOT THICKENS -- 8 WAYS TO BRING FICTION TO LIFE~ ! A fascinating book about CHARACTERIZATION and how to create juicy conflict. A MUST HAVE for every fiction writer's library!

5 additional winners will be drawn from the entries to receive a copy of either a Susan May Warren or Rachel Hauck novel.

Winners will be announced in My Book Therapy at the end of the month!

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Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks, Tricia!