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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who's Writing Inspirational Fiction***?

Westerns: Stephen & Janet Bly, Jane Kirkpatrick

Military Fiction: Jefferson Scott, Dee Henderson

Cozy Mystery: Peggy Darty

Fantasy: Donita K. Paul

Chick Lit: Kristin Billerbeck

Romance: Karen Ball, Ron & Janet Benrey, Colleen Coble, Lori Copeland, Lyn Cote, Denise Hunger, Robin Lee Hatcher, Robin Jones Gunn, Yvonne Lehman, Kathleen Morgan, Jane Orcutt, Tracie Peterson, Deborah Raney, Lois Richer, Gayle Roper, Lauraine Snelling, Gail Gaymer Martin, Janelle Burnham Schneider

Romantic Suspense: Colleen Coble, Lyn Cote, Dee Henderson, Kristen Heitzmann, Gail Gaymer Martin, Lois Richer, Lorena McCourtney

Southern Fiction: Athol Dickson, Patricia Hickman, Lori Copeland, Brandilyn Collins

Techno-thrillers or Science Fiction: Jefferson Scott, Kathy Tyers, Randall Ingermanson, Shane Johnson, Lynn Marzulli

Legal Thrillers: James Scott Bell, Brandilyn Collins

Historical Fiction: DeAnna Julie Dodson, Anne de Graaf, Kristen Heitzmann, Jane Kirkpatrick, Kathleen Morgan, Tracie Peterson, Lauraine Snelling, Stephanie Grace Whitson, Liz Curtis Higgs, B.J. Hoff, Francine Rivers, James Scott Bell/Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller, Tricia Goyer, DiAnn Mills

Suspense: James Scott Bell, Terri Blackstock, Anne de Graaf, Doris Elaine Fell, Alton Gansky, Clay Jacobsen, Jefferson Scott, Brandilyn Collins, Linda Hall, Athol Dickson, Lisa Bergren

Mystery: Alton Gansky, Dee Henderson, Clay Jacobsen, Nancy Moser, Gayle Roper, Ron & Janet Benrey, Linda Hall, James R. Coggins, Mindy Stams Clark

Fiction for Kids: Sandra Byrd, Melody Carlson, Robin Jones Gunn, Dave & Neta Jackson, Yvonne Lehman, Lauraine Snelling, Bob Elmer, Bill Myers, Jim Denny, Lois Walfrid Johnson, Eric Wiggin, Angela Hunt, Lisa Bergren

Humor: Karen Ball, Gayle Roper, Lori Copeland

Medical Thrillers: Hanna Alexander, Harry Kraus, Jr.

Speculative Fiction: James Scott Bell, Angela Hunt, Nancy Moser, Jefferson Scott, Bill Myers, Randy Alcorn

Women's Fiction: Deborah Bedford, Denise Hunter, Melody Carlson, Lori Copeland, Robin Lee Hatcher, Patricia Hickman, Kathleen Morgan, Jane Orcutt, Tracie Peterson, Deborah Raney, Lisa Samson, Lauraine Snelling, Angela Hunt, Roxanne Henke, Francine Rivers, Janelle Burnham Schneider, Brandilyn Collins, Karen Kingsbury, Lois Richer, Karen Ball, Sylvia Bambola, Kristin Heitzmann, Stephanie Grace Whitson

Mainstream Fiction: Deborah Bedford, Lisa Bergren, Terri Blackstock, Stephen & Janet Bly, Robin Lee Hatcher, Angela Hunt, Nancy Moser, Deb Raney, Yvonne Lehman, Hannah Alexander, B.J. Hoff, Sylvia Bambola, Randy Alcorn, Harry Kraus, Jr.

***(This is not an exhaustive list)?

Who is your favorite and why?


Jen's Journey said...

There are just too many of my faves here to mention why I like each one and keep this comment somewhat short.

Romance (Romantic Suspense): Karen Ball and Colleen Coble - I feel like I am catching a glimpse into what God intended romance to be...a guilty pleasure...But, endearing moments are often captured in the writing of these two wonderfully gifted women.
Dee Henderson has captivated me with her stories, also. I feel as though I am transported to where her characters are and hanging over their shoulder, experiencing all the wonder and excitement along with the fear and edge of the seat anticipation. Lorena McCourtney is yet another of my faves in the suspense. I have spent many nights unwilling to turn in despite my need to do so.

Legal thrillers: James Scott Bell has had me hooked from the first one of his books I purchased years ago. Can't say enough about the twists and crazy, mind numbingly great story plots. Again, MANY nights spent with far too little sleep. LOVE IT!!! Brandilyn Collins - I have only read Violet Dawn so far. Have yet to read Coral Moon, but have it. Still the first book captivated my attention.

Historical Fiction: Tricia Goyer-I think it is known that I absolutely adore you and am completely fixated on the talent and skills God has given you. I am transported back in time, living in an era of my grandparents. I experience a life that is so different from today and can't help become engrossed.

I am finishing this comment, knowing there are so many others I would love to express my impressions of. But, this is already quite lengthy.

Tricia Goyer said...

I haven't met Dee or Lorena (yet), but you have a GREAT list. These are my friends!!!